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Just Driving in 2014 17.07.2013
End of the Journey 03.07.2012
From Del Rio to Fort Worth 19.06.2012
Back Home! 17.06.2012
Farewell Texas 12.06.2012
Tearing your hair out 11.06.2012
Where Texans Come to find Mountains 09.06.2012
A Road from Nowhere to Nowhere Else 07.06.2012
On A Mission 06.06.2012
El Paso, El Remolino (Mexican Maelstrom) 05.06.2012
Flying over thunderstorms 04.06.2012
It's wet in Denver 02.06.2012
Lost and Mislead in Leadville 01.06.2012
US50 - The Highway That Never Ends? 31.05.2012
Kansas - Dorothy lived here! 29.05.2012
A Gentle Drive to Cowtown 27.05.2012
Route 66 Most of the Way 26.05.2012
"Cocktails" 24.05.2012
Seething metropolis to lush wooded hills to arid desert 22.05.2012
Meandering round Long Beach 20.05.2012
El Mercado to El Denny's 19.05.2012
Ready for my close-up Mr De Mille 18.05.2012
Madrid to Santa Monica Pier 17.05.2012
Salt On Your Cereal? 17.05.2012
Barajas Airport 14.05.2012
The planning is almost as good as the going... no it's not! 24.02.2012