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Salt On Your Cereal?

More time in the lounge than expected. A letter from Miami.

Velazquez Lounge, Terminal 4S, Barajas Airport, MADRID
08.34 Tuesday 15 May 2012

Selection of teas, coffees and stuff in our room. Best ever, "but no biscuits", says Arthur, rather predictably.
We’ve cursed and sworn at Barajas airport before but we’ve always been in transit. Arriving in a comfortable hotel courtesy bus, checking in almost immediately (“AAPriority”) then through VIB (Very Important ArthurBear) security – where a poor, distraught Spanish couple who were clearly late for their flight were turned back to the non-VIP area, a bit unkind – and on to the shuttle train was all actually very pleasant. Not a word often used in relation to big airports.

Past some very expensive-looking shops and straight into the Iberia International Lounge which is all but empty and very nice indeed. Very large, very comfortable and loads to eat and drink. Bob is celebrating with a mini bottle of Champers.

And exception to Bob's rule. There may be one more once we get onboard..

We are told our 11 o’clock American Airlines flight to Miami will be about 40 minutes late. It has had to stop in Portugal to let off a passenger who wanted to go to the beach, or some such story. Not a problem, as dear Maurice would say. Not in this luxury anyway. And as we have no connection to make until tomorrow morning, it is difficult for Bob to find a thing to worry about.

Before all this, back at the hotel, we were down for breakfast early, of course (Arthur likes his buffet breakfasts). One of the best breakfast selections we’ve ever seen. Could not be faulted. We looked on as a poor Latino couple searched frantically for a bag. It emerged they’d left it in the restaurant and when they came back for it, it had gone. It was obviously important, probably containing their passports and tickets etc. The police were arriving as we left in the courtesy bus, clutching our bags like they were about to be snatched from us!

Only a small part of the breakfast selection at hotel.

Actually, there was one other problem at breakfast. On our table was a large sugar-type shaker. Bob had cereal and, before putting sugar on it, I amusingly said, “sure that’s not salt?” Bob took another look, having put some in his coffee before shaking it all over his fruit ‘n cereals. It was salt!

To summarise (this sounds like a history essay) we will be coming this way again, HP willing. Heathrow is now off our list. Update:- Flight now delayed 2 hours. Certainly "not a problem".

More of the Velazquez Lounge (operated by Iberia).

We prepared this in Miami but due to Internet problems, it never got published. John started doing another page and then realised he'd already done this. More to follow soon. Thanks for the comments! Great stuff.

Posted by Johnash 17:42 Archived in Spain

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well the salt should have made Bob want more drink hope he got a bottle on flight glad the flight was not too delayed xxx

by vivienne

I am sure that Louise will comment, but if she doesnt she did the opposite years ago in france, sugar on her dinner.
Looking forward to getting back to normal blogs.

by Brien

John remember his Mum making Sunday lunch. But it all tasted rather odd. Sugar in the gravy,salt in the custard. Now you know where John gets it from!

Comments all loved!

by Johnash

Just to set the record straight, it was in England on the way back from a French camping holiday! Mum and Dad have never let me forget about it so beware Bob! x

by Louise

I remember the infamous Brighton Bankers tomato sauce incident. Bob & his condiments are something to be avoided at all cost! Did you nick the tea bags? I would have done, they'll last the whole holiday. Lovely hip cool lounge.

by Paul

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