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Meandering round Long Beach

From A Millionaires Canal to Mexican Mayhem


Room 309, Embassy Suites, La Quinta, California
6.30pm, Sunday, 20 May 2012

A great day today, having at last got to "Just Driving" empty roads instead of manickly full ones.
The temperature in the California High Desert as we crossed it was 108F and we've now arrived at an unreal oasis where very wealthy Californians come to die. But more of that tomorrow, perhaps!

Yesterday was a tranquil and gentle one.

We reluctantly departed the Doubletree at Santa Monica, and pottered down the coast towards our new Port O'Call (see later), at San Pedro, (pronounced round these parts as San Peeedro) near the massive Port of Los Angeles

and across the water from the (mainly) prosperous city of Long Beach.

Our aim was to visit the Museum of Latin American Art.

Interesting but most of the art was not particularly to our taste apart from this interesting window, through which you could see yourselves looking at you from two other windows.

Arthur was not even interested in this but was interested in the exciting range of "flaaans" in the smart little cafe attached to the museum. We refrained, but Arthur ordered a "Mowcha" one with a Chocolate one on the side.

Unfortunately, his eyes were, unusually, too big even for his tummy and we had to help him out.

After surviving the traumas of buying gas for the car, (will the card be accepted? NO. Which button should I press? No idea. WHAT LEVER should I lift? Ouch. Was it wise to leave my card with the lady in the office while I filled the car.....?) we pottered on to an area called Naples. A canal runs down to the sea and up to 4 streets away from this canal is a very sought after area by those who can afford it. There's an awful lot of awfully rich awful people in California!

This is the way some of them get about, by board 'n oar. This also demonstrates the body shape John is aiming for after his diet, after his return to Spain. Not.

Meanwhile, back at our hotel, we wait for our room by exploring the marina it sits on. Boats as far as the eye can see, and none of them ever seem to move.

This is the car Arthur wanted to rent, but we said "no"!

For Dinner we traded this...

for this..

Just 5 minutes down the road which we read in the guide books to be some twee artificial port, "Ports O'Call" (geddit?). Far from it. Most of the area's Mexican population plus other latinos seem to come here to enjoy a meal and some music and fun on a Saturday night. It felt like a gigantic fiesta to us.

It was terrific. And we got some really good sea food.

Thank you all for your comments. They are really appurrrsiated!

Posted by Johnash 21:33 Archived in USA

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YUMMY YUMMY and i'm not talking about food. Oh i do wish my bagend neighbours looked like that, a bit of eye candy can be very pleasing at times. Anyway i'm pleased Bob isn't alone on this trip as I was starting to think Brenda had John locked in a cupboard and poor Bob was travelling alone but at last 2 pics pop up. Nice pics boys looks luvly area xx

by Antonia

Hi you guys,seeing all the lovely food you are eating,I have given up my dry old biscuits(apart from a snack) for meat pouches twice aday.I am also keeping the carers on their toes like you told me to.Missing you.Luv Sofixxxx

by Bren Collis

What a good choice of food.
I notice that John kept his shirt on!

by Brien

Thank goodness a photo of John will be interested to see if you look like the other body in the photo. Too young for me OK for Antonia though so if you have room in case bring him back for her. Loved the photos of the food how can you eat so much not as though you are walking lots xxx

by vivienne

I love the window at the museum, I am trying to work out how it works. That can be my afternoon ponder.

by sally (brien & jan's daughter)

Very difficult today to know which particular picture to comment on. The "It's a knock-out" figures on the boats caught my eye so delightfully tasteful but of course I couldn't resist a an elongated glance at "Up the creak without a paddle" or in his particular case a six paddle! Does he deliver as pizza per chance? Glad your long distance lenses are coming in handy ;) xx

by Hillary

Arrived in Las Vegas (104F) after WONDERful drive, Just Driving across empty desert.

More Blogging tomorrow. Gotta hit The Strip....

Your comments are really great. Thank y'awl.


by Johnash

You've really grabbed Georgia's attention now, she's hanging on waiting for your account of 'where very wealthy Californians come to die'. She's become obsessed with death since we booked a Wigwam in the Lake District to go visit my Dad, asking questions such as 'what shall we do if he comes out of his grave, will he take me for an ice cream' and 'can we see lots of relatives there too?'.
Puddin & BedTed vote for Arthurs choice of car too! X

by Sarah, Rich, girls, Puddin & Bed Ted

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