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Many backroads lead to nowhere in particular


Yes, we're off to the USA again in May. We hope you'll be able to follow us when we depart Bag End in about 3 weeks time. All thanks to our volunteer house/cat-sitters, Brenda and Jean & Dave. Thank you so much, guys!

This trip has no particular theme but includes three big roadtrips. These journeys are about what we really like doing. Choosing a road and travelling it. It's not the getting there, it's the going. Just drive!

(If you don't know this track, please play it. It's the inspiration for this trip. To view in a separate window, press the "PLAY" symbol in the middle of the box, then click on the YouTube logo, bottom right of the window. Or just Play it while you read on further. There's more music to accompany this Blog at the bottom of this page to get in the mood).

We always have a "landmark city" on our itinerary and this time it's Los Angeles. Looking forward to the old MGM (now Sony) studios there.

Then it's a drive across Southern California to Las Vegas (hooray)....

View this route on GoogleMaps

and then, off the beaten track, following old bits of Route 66 into Arizona and on to Flagstaff,

View route on GoogleMaps

then, through some beautiful country round Sedona, finishing at Phoenix.

View this route on GoogleMaps

After a short flight to Kansas City, we drive on a collection of empty Kansas roads through nothing in particular but following the route of the "Pikes Peakers": gold prospectors leaving the Midwest to find a fortune in the Colorado Mountains. On the way we call into Marshall Dillon's home town of Dodge City. Eventually we end up in Denver Colorado via a railroad trip up Royal Gorge, the place where Doc Holliday met his maker and then Buffalo Bill's grave. This route was inspired by an article in True West Magazine.

View this route on GoogleMaps

Finally, after another short hop, from Denver to El Paso, it's a drive through West Texas, along the Mexican Border and the Rio Grande, through the little visited Big Bend National Park, ending this trip in Fort Worth. Yahoo!

View this route on GoogleMaps

We hope you will join us on this exciting journey.

Your comments are always welcome, nay, vital when the incentive to type this blog is not always there! Thanks in advance.

Gee pardners, we can't wait!

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Envy you your trip.Like the music,especially Orbison.Will look after Sofi and the Villa in that order.

by Brenda Collis

Thanks Bren. See you in 2.4 weeks! xx

by Johnash

Looking forward to reading your blog. Hope you have a great time. Have to agree with Bren re the music - Orbison track is great.

by Terry Edge

Great guys.hope you have an amazing holiday......and the driving licence turned up John? panic ye not bob!! looking forward to your Trip and can we have a blowup cowboy please? with horse if possible....thanks love MATT AND AL


Still waiting for licence. Have a posh looking temporary one and getting an IDP to help with the flannel if necessary.

Will look out for inflatable mounted cowboy.

by Johnash

Stop worrying Matt is right(not about the blow up horse)the licence will arrive on time.Or maybe the coyboy.

by Brenda Collis

Best of luck for your amazing trip.
We've been to Glenwood Springs during our 2011 trip. Loved a good soak in the huge old outdoor thermal pool and also liked visiting the caves there.
Looking forward to your next entry !!

by Gabriela

Thanks to Gabriela, from Buenos Aires, and all others for your input. It's good to hear from such exotic places, especially Eastbourne!

by Johnash

Managed at last to get the blog. Brenda will look after the house and cat and we will look after Brenda but not sure who will look after me. Looking forward to all the comments re food best bit for me.

by vivienne

Well done Vivienne! It's not really as complicated as it may appear. As they say in a certain fellowship "keep it simple"!

Thanks for your support.

by Johnash

Forget (polite way of saying another word) the "blow up" cowboy, I'm looking forward to some pics of the real thing! Ready & waiting with my comments ;)

by Paul

Not long to go now looking forward to first blog

by Brien

Yep, not long now. The preparations seem to be going on for ever! Looking forward to getting on that train to Madrid at Murcia station on Monday and r.e.l.a.x.i.n.g!

by Johnash

Yes time marches on,hope you have now packed all the stuff on the bed I am sleeping on.
I am ready for my trip now,but will miss that you wont be around

by Bren

We have team "Fuente Meca" lined up to keep you amused, Bren! They've been hatching their plans over a Chino in the Puerto tonight. Will always be grateful to you and to Jean & Dave for being here for us.

by Johnash

Bren John is always relaxing cannot understand why he wants to get away. We at Fuenta Mecca will all miss both of them but wish them a safe journey see you very soon

by vivienne

Aaaw, shucks! What it is to have good friends!

by Johnash

Woweeee!!!!!Are you here already? You've given me itinerary but buried in old mails. Weather in Chicago area going up & down like a yoyo, but a lot warmer-hotter where you're going.
Are you sightseeing in & around Mojave desert... beautiful sand dunes & desert flowers around this time.
Would have loved to meet up in LA but still house sitting in St.John, In. Can't wait to experience your trip via this blog. Sound conked out on this pc, have to use other to hear music. Hasta la vista mis amigos, buen viaje!!!!!!!! MC

Enjoyed reading other comments also. Wonderful to read everyone is in good humour.

by Marycon

Ok get on your whatever - go and enjoy. As you made the offer for me to drive the other day,I have made arrangements with Maria at the garage to use your 'Horse power' whilst mine is being serviced/repired, so you had better win the jackpot in LV. Panic ye no - just have faith!!

by Jean and Ron

Hi boys!
It's out of the way so don't think you will divert..BUT if as you go California to Vegas you fancy swinging off to the left ..you could go to Barstow..which has a quirky place called CALICO GHOST TOWN ..which is just that...like stepping back in time..I used to know the manager..ERNIE! ha ha..thought he could show you around..but it is off itinerary I spose!...what a journey..good fortune!

by Trudy and Georgie

T&G: Thanks for the tip. We went thru Barstow 31 years ago. A yes, Ernie when he was younger. Too far off track this time but noted for future visit!
J&R: You're in line behind our neighbours for the Tiggy!
MC. Great to hear from Illinois. Sorry we couldn't meet up this time. See you in EspaƱa in October?
Nearly packed. How many USB leads do you think I need to take along with the 6 chargers?

by Johnash

looking forward to following your journey, love the tune just drive!x

by sally (brien & jan's daughter)

I can't wait to read about your adventures! I agree with Sal - 'Just Drive' is brilliant and has definitely got me in the mood for a road trip, even if it will be a virtual one for me!

Have a wonderful time!

by Louise (the other daughter!)

I'm loooking forward to my virtual road trip! 'Just Drive' is brilliant and very apt. Have a wonderful time!

by Louise

Lappy in with the tech guys and I have the old desk top up and loaded just in time to check in with you guys...the music is great ..who sings it..we have to get it...xxxxxx

by Cherry and Chris

Great song..have to get it...who sings it?
Glad you got your licence John...told you not to worry! Hope you are both packed and ready for the off....stay safe..xxx

by Cherry and Chris

Sally & Louise. Thanks. Hearing much from the Kessler family. It's great!
Cherry & Chris. Hope your journey was OK and Holly now settled in.
'Just Drive' is by Alistair Griffin. Unfortunately, Sky now using it for their F1 shows. How DARE they?

A note: it seems I have to approve first comments, if you wondered what happening. Just be patient and they will appear. Brenda at Gatwick boarding right now. Our adventure begins!

by Johnash

Journey was fine ty and Holly was really good..thanks for the info on 'Just Drive'..I really have to get it :) Pse give our love to Brenda when she arrives...xxx

by Cherry and Chris

On your marks, get ready, go...Buen Viaje! x

by Paul

I thought it was the "The Lighthouse family" but turns out to be "Lifehouse" some good shots though. Great to see the Fatties begining to make an appearance, always excellent viewing ;) I would have to stay in one of those classic psycho type motels...
Sunday morning full English about to be served here....
Carry on dear, loving it so far. Oh and more pretty boy waiter shots please...I would definitely let on I'm a talent scout but would probably get arrested! xx

by Paul



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